Our work in the Flux Lab capitalizes on the use of feature aspect ratio to enhance or control transport. Flux is characterized by a rate and an associated area. We commonly exploit the use of area with high aspect ratio structures (nano/microscale as well as mesoscale) to influence the rate of heat and mass transfer.


May 2020:

UNSGC awards the lab funding to explore passive deployable radiators.

Apr 2020:

Shaur Humayun passes his qualifying exams. Congratulations!

Dec 2019:

Ben Brownlee joins Teledyne Scientific Company.  Congratulations!

Nov 2019:

The Flux Lab has a strong showing at IMECE 2019 in Salt Lake City with Ben Brownlee, Aaron Bame, Ernest Lee, Rydge Mulford, Sam Avila and Kyle Meaker presenting.

Sep 2019:

Shaur Humayun joins the Flux Lab as a PhD student studying condensation at superhydrophobic surfaces.

Aug 2019:

Rydge Mulford joins the faculty at the University of Dayton.  Congratulations!

Funding Sources

National Science Foundation




Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium


Brigham Young University