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Flux Lab

  • LACO Technologies deep vacuum chamber (24” diameter) & Edwards vacuum pump (10-6 Torr capability); thermocouple and power feedthroughs, sapphire viewport
  • CHI 660E electrochemical analyzer (potentiostat, galvanostat, cyclic/linear sweep voltammetry, amperometric sensing)
  • Signatone probes/micropositioners for microscale electrical characterization
  • FLIR SC6103 high-speed infrared camera (up to 35 kHz max frame rate, 640 x 512 resolution)
  • Photron APX-RS high-speed camera (10,000 fps)
  • PhD Ultra syringe pump
  • Nicolet 8700 FT-IR spectrometer (7800-350 cm-1 and 4000-650 cm-1 ranges)
  • Landcal R1200P High Temperature Blackbody Source (up to 1200 °C)
  • Isotech QuickCal Blackbody (35 to 350 °C)
  • Labsphere RT-060-IG Infragold Integrating Sphere & Mount (0.7 – 20 μm wavelength range)
  • Ohaus EX224 analytical lab balance (220 g x 0.0001 g resolution)
  • Chroma DC programmable DC Source (100VDC/50A/2400W)
  • Chemyx A40, recirculating heater/chiller (16 liter)
  • National Instruments Compact DAQ cards and chassis
  • Instron force tester (setup for microscale characterization)
  • Custom goniometer/contact angle measurement (static, advancing/receding, hysteresis)
  • Metaphase diffuse white backlight (FR-BL89X155-W-24)
  • Rigol DP821 power supplies (140W, 60V, 10A, 2 channel)
  • Thermo Fischer Scientific Heratherm convection oven (50 - 250 °C)

Microfabrication Laboratory (Cleanroom)

  • Deposition, processing, characterization, etching, lithography and heat treating equipment
  • Fisher Isotemp 281 Vacuum Oven (300 °C, -92 kPa)

Materials Growth and Thin Film Deposition Laboratories

  • CVD furnace, (manual nanotube growth)
  • Automatic CVD furnaces (controlled nanotube growth/annealing; oxygen rich/free)
  • Low pressure CVD (LPCVD system for Si, SiO2, SiNx)
  • E-gun evaporator (1 m cryo pumped stainless chamber; 8 pocket; dual gun)
  • Thermal evaporator (CVC glass bell jar, diffusion pumped)

Microscopy Laboratory Network

  • ThermoScientific Verios G4 UC SEM (subnanometer resolution, monochromator)
  • Philips FEI XL30 S-FEG (thermal field emission SEM, OIM studies)
  • Philips XL30 Environmental FEG SEM (with Nabity e-beam lithography system)
  • FEI Helios NanoLab 600 DualBeam FIB/SEM (3D sectioning and OIM, TEM sample preparation)
  • Digital Instruments AFM (low noise Multimode AFM & large sample Dimension 3100 model)
  • FEI 300 kV Tecnai G2 F30 TWIN TEM (high resolution transmission electron microscope)
  • FEI 200 kV Tecnai G2 F20 UTWIN TEM (monochromator, energy loss spectrometer, EDX, STEM

Surface Science Laboratory

  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer XPS, SSX-100 (with monochromatic Al kα source and hemispherical analyzer)
  • ION-TOF Ion Mass Spectrometer (time of flight-secondary IMS)
  • M-2000, J.A. Woollam Co. ellipsometer (variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer scanning from 190.51 nm to 989.43 nm)
  • Ramé-Hart contact angle goniometer (solid/liquid interface contact angle measurement)
  • Gilson 215 liquid dispenser (automated pipetting of microliter volumes to precise locations)
  • Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) measurements (specific surface area)